Introducing Nando's new Garlic-infused Bag & Bake

Introducing Nando’s new Garlic-infused Bag & Bake

Nando’s adds some garlicy flair to its Bag & Bake home cooking range

Nando’s new Bag & Bake is not just the best solution to spicing up dinnertime at home. Now it comes with a garlic-infused PERi-PERi twist.

Whether you’re starting your day with the school run, an early meeting, or a long sleep-in, there’s always that one question, at the end of the day… “What’s for dinner?”

Since Nando’s released its Bag & Bake home cooking range earlier this year, this question has been easier to answer. But what happens when there is a demand for more variety?

Nando’s has heard your call! They’ve launched their Garlic

“We have received overwhelming praise for our Bag & Bake range. It turns out South Africans crave the Nando’s flavour they know ad love to come right out of their oven at home. Who knew? We are excited to add the Garlic flavour to our range to help Fire up! an already much-loved PERi-PERi addition to home-cooked meals.

Vanessa Nunes, Marketing Manager Nando’s Grocery Division

If you were wondering how the magic happens. Here’s how it works:

  • Simply pop your chicken pieces / veggies / potatoes in the bag (around 500g is ideal) and add the spice.
  • Fold the open edge of the bag twice and crease tightly and give it a gentle shake.
  • Preheat your oven to 190degreesCelcius and place the bag into the middle of the oven.
  • Make sure the bag isn’t touching the element as this could cause a fire, and not the kind Nando’s encourages.
  • That’s it. Sit back and relax for 30 minutes while the bag does the cooking.

The Nano’s Bag & Bake range is found at selected supermarkets and is available in four delicious flavours, Lemon & Herb, Medium, Hot and now Garlic. For only R21.99

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